Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Walt Monegan Honest Leadership


Walt Monegan

Chief: February 2001 - September 2006

Commissioner of Public Safety, State of Alaska: September 2006 - July 2008

Chief Monegan was raised in bush Alaska, in a town called Nyac, by his maternal grandparents. At that time, Nyac was a gold mining community with a population of 54 people and a one room school house. After attending one year of college at Alaska Methodist University, Walt enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1970.

In January of 1974, Walt was hired as a patrolman with the Anchorage Police Department. Since that time he has worked in every division and almost every unit of the Department including Internal Affairs, Crime Prevention, Communications, and Detectives, but always enjoyed his time on Patrol which he returned to frequently. Walt has attended Northwestern University Traffic Institute Police School of Staff and Command and University of Louisville National Crime Prevention Institute.

In addition to police work Walt has served on Boards and Community Task Forces to include:

Community Police Advisory Boards
Ethnic Round Table
Northern Endeavor Team
Salvation Army Booth Memorial Home
Anchorage Sexual Assault Task Force
Mayor's Task Force on Youth and Violence
Mayor's Advisory Committee on Municipal Employee Fund Raising Campaign
Municipality's Diversity Council
Alaska Special Olympics State Board
Community Action for Drug Free Youth
Alaska Safe Kids Project

In February of 2001 then Lieutenant Monegan, a district commander, was appointed Chief of Police by Mayor George Wuerch.

Walt has a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Administration from Alaska Pacific University. He has four children with his wife Terry.